Welcome to the Missouri Attorney General's Office

To begin, please follow the below steps:

  1. Start by logging in with your Managed CMS username and password.
  2. Change your Password to a more secure one of your preference (after following this link, click on 'edit' )
  3. Update your Managed CMS Site Information
  4. Add a Category for your Contact Form (after following this link, click on 'Add Category' and follow the steps)
  5. You can add more Users to your Managed CMS if needed (for more info on Roles available, please visit www.more.net)
  6. You may also change the Theme for your Managed CMS web site
    1. Prior to Changing your Theme, please turn off your Caching and Optimization.
      1.   Caching Mode: Disabled
      2.   Block Cache: Disabled
      3.   Optimize CSS: Disabled
      4.   Optimize JS: Disabled
      5.   Click 'Save'
      6.   On the same page, scroll down and click "Clear Cached Data"
      7.   Proceed to your Theme Adjustments
    2. After you have found the theme you want, you may turn all the above options back to 'Enabled'.
  7. View Drupal's Handbooks and Beginner Tutorials to become more familiar with the administration
  8. Lastly, since this is your front page, feel free to change the Content of this page
  9. After you are satisfied, you can add new content to your web site by clicking the Create Content link to the left in the navigation block.

If you have any questions please email help@more.net or call MOREnet at (800) 509-6673